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Parent Pick Up / Drop Off

Line up in car line at the corner of Central Elementary and our parking lot, at both drop-off and pick-up times as noted above for the AM and PM sessions.  Buses will be in front of the school and unload/load students first.  Once the car line is waved forward please pull up about 6 cars at a time to unload/load.  Please exit the car and unbuckle/buckle your student.  A staff member will greet your child on the curb and escort them into the building.  At the end of each session, your child will be brought out to your car.  Please have your car card ready for a staff member.  Hold your child’s hand at all times!

Late Arrivals/Early Pick Ups & Extend Full Day Hours

Students need to be walked inside the building and signed in.  For the full-day program, before and after care hours, staff members will greet you when dropping off/picking up students at the front doors.  

Entry System (“buzz in”)

To enter the building, all patrons must use the Entry System.  
Please press the buzzer and face the Entry System for identification.  State the reason for your visit.  
The orange light above the door will indicate the left door is unlocked. 
Upon entry into the building, please sign in at the office.

Picking Up A Student

Only people designated on the Emergency Contact form or designated in written form by the parent will have permission to pick up a child.  Anyone picking up a child at preschool must be at least 18 years of age.   Anyone picking up your child at preschool should have their photo ID with them.  Any staff member may ask to see your ID at any time if he or she is unsure of your identity.  This policy is strictly enforced for your child’s safety.