Super-Preschooler Celebrates End of Chemo with a Superhero Guest

Posted on 12/18/2018
Super-Preschooler Celebrates End of Chemo with a Superhero Guest

No one enjoys being sick. But imagine having to explain a major illness to a small child who is just starting to learn how to spell their name. Eddie, a preschool student at Early Childhood Central School Road, has lived this reality for most of his young life.

“At 20 months old, Eddie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and started chemotherapy, which would ensue for the next 3 ½ years,” said Lesley McKeever, Eddie’s mom. Through the course of his treatment, Eddie has had several complications and experienced a few side effects.

Spiderman hangs out with Ms. Segher's Thursday afternoon class.“I think that cancer is a very difficult thing for kids this age to wrap their minds around,” said Michelle Seghers, a preschool teacher at Central School Road. “I think at this age they can relate to feeling sick and can understand that Eddie was sick for a long time and had to take medicine and visit the doctor often.”

After close to four years of treatments, tests, and medicine, Eddie was able to ring the bell on Dec. 17 to signify the end of his chemotherapy. “Eddie doesn’t really understand what he has been through and the incredible accomplishment it is to be done, but he is very excited to be done taking his chemo medication,” said McKeever. “In his words, ‘I don’t have to take my purple medication no more!’” Overall, he has been a real superhero while going through his treatment.

“Eddie is in to superheroes, but mostly we all consider him to be one,” said McKeever. To help celebrate the end of Eddie’s cancer treatment, Michelle Sigher’s Thursday afternoon class received a visit from another special superhero. Spiderman stopped by to play some games with the children in the class. Eddie himself was appropriately decked out in an ‘I Beat Cancer. What’s Your Super Power?’ t-shirt.

Eddie sits on Spiderman's shoulders and smiles.At first, Eddie and his classmates weren’t sure what to think. But after hiding under a table briefly and assessing the situation, Eddie warmed up pretty fast. Everyone wanted Spidey’s attention and wanted to share information about their favorite superhero. Spiderman played games with the kids, answered as many questions as possible, posed for pictures, and was the source of many laughs.

“I’ve only had Eddie this school year, but it has really taught me to put things in perspective,” said Seghers. “I realize how much each day is a gift and how we need to make sure those that we care about really know they are loved and cared for.”

After a fun celebration with his family and school friends, it’s easy to see that Eddie is excited to move on to the next phase of his life, with or without his cape blowing behind him.

For more information about Eddie’s journey, visit Eddie’s Battle on Facebook. The nonprofit organization RadNurse is running a fundraiser that directly benefits the McKeever family. Donations can be made through the RadNurse website.

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